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GOTD Video Podcast #7: Meet the Playful Puppy Jasmine As She Enjoys Her First Desert Morning Walk

Sally and I found an adorable dog to adopt a few weeks ago - time for her to make her podcast debut!

If you want more videos of Jasmine playing in her desert kingdom please show some love in the comments and share today’s episode!


Also please consider subscribing to God of the Desert. Currently all content will be free. We’ll figure out a few months down the line what - if anything - we decide to stick behind a paywall, but for the most part the purpose of this Substack and Podcast is simply to build the readership for the books which we will start publishing in a few months. If you want to help us out financially by subscribing for $7/month that is certainly very much appreciated but not at all necessary.

God of the Desert Books
God of the Desert Books
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